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Our organic origin and its founder: Johann Priemeier.

Mr Johann Priemeier converted the Antersdorf mill to 100% organic in the 1970s. At a time when hardly anyone was talking about organic farming and mills were closing down by the dozen.

Our great-great-grandfather would have been proud of him. Because he too wanted to dare something new when he laid the foundation stone for our family's mill tradition in 1884.

As we are the 5th generation, we continue the way of our great-great-grandfather. Then as now with farmers from the region. In this way, we know exactly where our grain comes from and create a future for agriculture. With a passion for traditional milling, we turn it into mill products such as flours, flakes and semolina.

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Apple Cinnamon Müsli Cereal
Apple Cinnamon Müsli Cereal Sale price$8.00 SGD
Basic Müsli Cereal
Basic Müsli Cereal Sale price$8.00 SGD
Fruit Oats Müsli Cereal
Fruit Oats Müsli Cereal Sale price$8.00 SGD
Sold outBerry Oats Müsli Cereal
Berry Oats Müsli Cereal Sale price$8.00 SGD
Sold outNut and Seeds with Sultanas Müsli Cereal
Sold outDark Chocolate Müsli Cereal
Dark Chocolate Müsli Cereal Sale price$8.00 SGD
Strawberry White Chocolate Müsli Cereals