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Founded in 2013, Bacanha house was born from a family story in Paris and developed in the Paris region. We reinvent syrup by adopting unique creation and manufacturing processes. The combined efforts and craftsmanship of our teams, together with unbounded passion and creativity, allow us to offer exceptional beverages.

Our primary commitment is the excellence of our products: we select quality ingredients to offer true gustatory signatures, with each possessing an intense aroma and unique flavors, the hallmarks of our creations. Our products are available online, at select distributors, and in a selection of stores in France (see our map for locations).

Bacanha's creative ambition: to create an emotion through taste.

For more about the brand's history:

The name Bacanha means "beautiful and good" in Brazil, which is where our cane sugar comes from. In the Greek and Roman world, "Bacchanal" was the name of festivities celebrated in honor of the god Bacchus. Thus, the name recalls the origin of the main ingredient, sugar, and the festive spirit, the sense of sharing that is at the heart of our brand and the lifestyle we wish to promote!

The origin of syrups dates back to the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. At that time, fresh fruits were dipped in honey for preservation. During this period, syrup had three main uses: as a beverage, with water or to sweeten wine; in cooking (syrup called defrutum) to flavor foods, and in medicine to heal with the virtues of certain plants and fruits... In the 17th century, the recipe changed, it became fruit water, evaporated and concentrated, mixed with a sugar syrup. Bacanha House created the term "Brut Syrup" to highlight the complex and unique blends, composed of simple, natural, and high-end ingredients, all honoring the traditional history of syrup.

About our quality commitments:

The sugar, our syrups' main ingredient, comes from Brazil, where it is grown in a way that preserves the soil and environment (regenerative organic management, biological pest control, and harvesting done without using the burning technique in the fields). Our supplier, Native, is the first food company in Brazil to receive the Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) certification. This certification authenticates companies that effectively contribute to soil regeneration, appreciation of animal welfare, and the dignity of rural workers. Sustainable production while regenerating the environment for future generations is part of our commitment to nature.

Our flavors are developed in the Grasse region of France, but the raw materials can come from different countries. We choose natural extracts, essential oils, fruit juices, and flavors, hence the "brut" appellation we created for our syrups. We do not use dyes or preservatives, so the syrups have natural hues, little or no color depending on the recipe and the fruit. The production of the syrup takes place in our workshop, near Paris, where the bottles are also labeled and packaged by us.

We use amber glass bottles that protect the syrup from light so it can be consumed for a longer period. Glass is a mineral material and can be recycled indefinitely. You can use our syrups as a beverage (with water or in numerous recipes, in cocktails, with coffee or tea), in cooking and baking to enhance the taste of certain foods, and in medicine for the virtues of certain herbs and plants.

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Raw Yuzu Syrup - OrganicRaw Yuzu Syrup - Organic
Raw Yuzu Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Raspberry Syrup - OrganicRaw Raspberry Syrup - Organic
Raw Raspberry Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Mint Syrup - OrganicRaw Mint Syrup - Organic
Raw Mint Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Licorice Syrup - Organic
Raw Licorice Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Grenadine Syrup - OrganicRaw Grenadine Syrup - Organic
Raw Grenadine Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Elderflower Syrup - OrganicRaw Elderflower Syrup - Organic
Raw Elderflower Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Blackcurrant Syrup - Organic
Raw Basil Syrup - OrganicRaw Basil Syrup - Organic
Raw Basil Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Cookie Syrup - OrganicRaw Cookie Syrup - Organic
Raw Cookie Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Salted Caramel Syrup - OrganicRaw Salted Caramel Syrup - Organic
Raw Hazelnut Syrup - OrganicRaw Hazelnut Syrup - Organic
Raw Hazelnut Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD
Raw Vanilla Syrup - OrganicRaw Vanilla Syrup - Organic
Raw Vanilla Syrup - Organic Sale price$11.60 SGD