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BIG and the BIG Bobby Car: popular, impressive, durable and of course "strong as a buffalo".

The company's brand logo alone, a buffalo, stands for BIG's successful toys. These include running bikes, children's tractors and children's motorcycles for girls and boys. And of course the popular BIG Bobby Car.

A small, cuddly and fire-red children's car, that's the most fitting way to describe the BIG Bobby-Car. But actually, a description isn't even necessary, is it? Almost everyone knows the little car, whether from their own youth, that of their children or grandchildren. Because in many gardens, balconies, terraces and even in apartments, the toy is at home.

There is no other ride-on vehicle that is as successful worldwide as the BIG-Bobby-Car from the BIG brand. Because BIG and the BIG Buffalo stand for strength, robustness and durability.

And the top priority is: child-friendly and safe play - right from the start.
One product - half a century of experience: the BIG Bobby-Car as a successful model with added value for the entire range.

And this success is no coincidence. Developed over decades, continuously optimized: BIG has used this experience and continued to expand the range. BIG has developed a wide variety of toys for our children, who love to be out and about and play with all kinds of vehicles. So children can let off steam - ergonomically adapted to the age of the child, of course.

Slides, sandboxes, seesaws and co. ensure that your garden or balcony becomes the perfect play paradise. The range also includes the popular BIG Power Worker sand vehicles, which are sand excavators and sand trucks for indoors and outdoors at the same time. But BIG not only has the right accessories for your sandbox, but also the right toys for your beach vacation.

And if the little ones already want to be on the road like adults, there are pedal tractors, motorcycles, scooters and running bikes. Every child of any age can feel like a big man. Those who don't have a garden don't have to do without the toys from BIG. There are also slide vehicles and children's cars for your apartment or house that are suitable for indoors - thanks to floor-saving rubber tires.
The BIG Bobby Car, a classic and much more...

Not only the little ones have fun with the car, but also the big adventurers and adrenaline fans. At regular world championships, adults show how fast they can go with the BIG-Bobby-Car. At the official races, they prove time and again how robust, durable and high-quality the sliding vehicles are. And this despite the fact that they are actually toys for children.

BIG stands for child-friendly and ergonomic play, but environmental protection is also a very special concern for the company. That's why high-quality and recyclable materials are used. The classic black tires of the BIG Bobby Car, for example, are made purely from recycled materials. In addition, particular importance is attached to resource-saving and energy-saving production - confirmed by "Ökotest" Germany (for over 20 years).

After all, sustainability is particularly important - especially when it comes to our children!


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