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If you ask us, we are making perhaps the world’s absolute best plant drink. We make it from oats or peas, and you can find them in classic versions, as barista drinks and in a cocoa version. Dryk was founded in 2020 by the entrepreneurial couple Christian Christensen and Marina Collin Hansen and has since then grown to a good handful of employees. All passionate about a more sustainable world and for plant drinks that make even cow’s milk drinkers switch.

Why choose oat drinks from Dryk?

Oat drinks from Dryk are some of the best on the market. Most oat drinks are made from oat syrup and do not have much to do with oats. They are also full of sugar. Oat drink from Dryk is made from oats from the north, is without added sugars and has a mild taste and sweetness from the oats. You can replace milk with Dryk in everything from smoothies to bread, cakes, pancakes, lasagna and much more with any or big difference. Dryk plant drinks are loved as much by you who on average give 4.8 out of 5 stars in recommendations on Trustpilot. Here it is described as “The best plant-based drink”, “my favorite milk in coffee”, “oat milk… what a difference” and “best taste and quality”.


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