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ERIIY aims to provide invigorating daily Eau de Parfum with tempting blends of elegance and sophistication.

With hints from each unforgettable moment in time, ERIIY reinvents essentiality, in its light-weight and versatile feature.

Take ERIIY with you!

High-Quality Ingredients

ERIIY strives to be one step ahead when it comes to environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation and other factors which contribute towards pollution; they're committed not just in their dedication of producing unique fragrances through complex notes produced with high quality ingredients - including sustainably grown.

In addition, ERIIY eliminates any animal testing during production by using earth friendly products as well as biodegradable packaging materials so you can feel good about your purchase without sacrificing luxury or beauty at all!

Free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates or any other questionable ingredients or common skin irritants.
We care about the environment.

An Olfactory Experience

ERIIY translate beautiful notes into unparalleled fragrances and evocative experiences. Let the scent bloom—and then settle onto skin to reveal a fragrance shaped by your own memories and defining moments. We believe in unforgettable scents for memorable occasions!

The result is not just perfume: it's an experience that lasts well after you've left behind its trail.

Exquisite formulas from some of the world’s most delicate ingredients to create one-of-a-kind smells tailored uniquely to each individual wearer as they combine their unique palate with signature style profile preferences such as “gourmand," "opulent" or "floral."

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