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oodin, established in 2013, is a Finnish family-owned enterprise dedicated to crafting and importing organic, natural foods, and exquisite delicacies. At the core of our product philosophy lies a simple principle: they must promote the well-being of consumers, farmers, and the environment. Our mission is to deliver "superior nourishment for a brighter future." We strive to make choices that pave the way for better days ahead, offering a diverse range of over 250 products and continuing to grow. Presently, we proudly hold the title of Finland's largest producer and importer of organic and natural foods.

Our aspiration is to bring forth the finest treasures our Earth has to offer. This entails sourcing fresh, untamed Finnish forest blueberries and authentic cocoa sourced from the depths of the Amazon. No corner of the world is left unexplored in our quest for delectable gems. Choosing organically produced or wild-grown foods always presents a more sustainable option for the environment. Together, let's make conscious, eco-friendly decisions that benefit ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Elevating the standard of food for a brighter tomorrow.

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Nordic Chaga, 120g Sale price$29.90 SGD
Granola Bar Cacao Crunch 40g Sale price$6.20 SGD
Granola Bar Berry Bliss 40g Sale price$6.20 SGD