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Driven by her passion for the food industry and entrepreneurship, Yogita Joshi established Gudness Foods. The purpose? To bring an exciting fusion of Indian and British flavours to breakfast tables across the UK, all while using 100% natural ingredients.

Gudness Foods takes pride in introducing the UK to traditional Indian breakfast staples, 'Upma' (a savoury delight) and 'Shira' (a sweet treat). Both dishes, known and loved for their incredible flavours and health benefits, are part of the daily meal routines for millions.

Through our innovative approach, we make sure these authentic tastes can be savoured conveniently. Our vegetarian/vegan breakfast products bring the joy of Indian cuisine to your home, all ready to be enjoyed in just five minutes!

We didn't stop at merely introducing these traditional delights. Our creativity led us to blend the Indian porridge-like texture of Shira with the timeless British flavours of Berries and Apple & Cinnamon. The result has been nothing short of extraordinary, receiving rave reviews!

Responding to the increasing demand, we expanded our range to include 'Poha' (a savoury rice-based dish) and Masala Oats (a savoury oatmeal dish). These vegan and gluten-free additions have rapidly become household favourites, further strengthening our commitment to deliver delicious, health-conscious meals to our customers.

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Shira Apple and Cinammon Sweet Semoilina SnackShira Apple and Cinammon Sweet Semoilina Snack
Shira Mixed Beerries Sweet Semoilina SnackShira Mixed Beerries Sweet Semoilina Snack
Upma Savory Semolina SnackUpma Savory Semolina Snack
Upma Savory Semolina Snack Sale price$5.80 SGD
Masala OatsMasala Oats
Masala Oats Sale price$5.80 SGD
Poha Sale price$5.80 SGD
Shira ORIGINAL Sweet Semolina SnackShira ORIGINAL Sweet Semolina Snack