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For over 50 years, Honey Group Finland Ltd has been dedicated to packaging Finnish honey specifically for Finnish consumers. Our products have graced store shelves for a considerable time, evoking nostalgia for many who remember them from their childhood.

Founded in 1969 by a collective of passionate beekeepers, our company had two fundamental objectives: enhancing the sales of honey and expanding the market for bee-related products. Even after half a century, these goals remain the cornerstones of our business. Furthermore, we continuously strive to innovate by introducing new honey products and promoting increased honey consumption, all with the aim of fostering a healthier environment.

Finland holds the distinction of being the northernmost region where honey is harvested. This unique positioning, coupled with the abundance of nectar sources and wild forest flowers, contributes to the distinct character of Finnish honey.

We take pride in our enduring legacy as a trusted provider of Finnish honey, and we remain dedicated to preserving the rich traditions of our beekeeping heritage while driving forward with innovation and sustainability.

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Traditional Crystallized HoneyTraditional Crystallized Honey
Traditional Crystallized Honey Sale priceFrom $8.15 SGD
Mieleinen - Liquid Honey - Strawberry
Mieleinen - Liquid Honey - Bilberry
Mieleinen - Liquid Honey - Original
Filtered Finnish honey 350 gFiltered Finnish honey 350 g
Filtered Finnish honey 350 g Sale price$16.32 SGD
Floral Honey
Floral Honey Sale priceFrom $8.15 SGD