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Nice that you found us! We are Stella and Christian, the founders of Laori. We are epicureans, love good drinks and socializing. In 2019 we founded Laori out of our own need. Our goal: to make alcohol-free cool and to create delicious drinks for adults without the hangover the next day. With Laori, we create a taste experience that is equivalent to alcoholic beverages that are simply delicious. We develop our products ourselves and together with our customers. This is how we ensure our high standards of enjoyment, quality and naturalness for ourselves and our community.


“The idea for Laori came up one evening in a bar in Berlin. I was out with friends and didn't want to drink alcohol. The alternatives were too sweet and boring for me with sodas, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water. "I just want a Gin & Tonic without alcohol," I exclaimed. But there wasn't such a thing. I couldn't let go of the idea and I started distilling in my own kitchen. I quickly realized that for a good and equivalent taste experience does not get any further with the known processes. With Christian as my co-founder, we used his expertise to develop a new process for Laori."

Stella, founder of Laori

Our vision

For us, sustainability means that we humans live in harmony with nature. We are responsible for preserving them carefully for future generations and for acting responsibly along the entire value chain. Our vision to fundamentally change the beverage industry starts with the best ingredients and goes through production to packaging. We are at the beginning and need people like you who live consciously and change the world together with us. Because every step counts on the way to a more conscious future.

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Laori Ruby No 4 - Alcohol-free AperitivLaori Ruby No 4 - Alcohol-free Aperitiv
Sold outLaori Spice No 2 - Alcohol-Free RumLaori Spice No 2 - Alcohol-Free Rum
Sold outLaori Juniper No 1 - Alcohol-free GinLaori Juniper No 1 - Alcohol-free Gin