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Puls Nutrition

At PULS, we're on a mission to ignite a spark of positive change in people's everyday lives.

Born in Finland, we understand the demands of a bustling, vibrant lifestyle and the desire to nourish our bodies with wholesome, nutritious fare.

We firmly believe that sports nutrition, functional snacks, and invigorating drinks aren't solely reserved for elite athletes. When harnessed correctly, they have the power to enhance physical and mental well-being for anyone seeking that extra spark or burst of energy in their daily routines.

While we always advocate for deriving essential nutrients from real food, we recognize that life's complexities can sometimes hinder that ideal balance. That's where we step in to assist. We offer nourishing sustenance for everyone, whether you're a dedicated athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone yearning for a healthier snack.

PULS caters not only to the active souls among us but also to those who believe that an active lifestyle extends beyond sports and exercise. It encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences, including cherished moments with friends and family, the pursuit of career goals, academic endeavors, and exhilarating journeys. It's about embracing life to the fullest.

Join us in embracing a vibrant, wholesome way of living. Together, let's seize every opportunity, fuel our passions, and unleash the full potential of our lives. The power to make better choices begins here, at PULS.

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Pure Bar - Blueberry
Pure Bar - Blueberry Sale price$7.50 SGD
Sold outBITE - Peanut ButterBITE - Peanut Butter
BITE - Peanut Butter Sale price$6.50 SGD
BITE - CheesecakeBITE - Cheesecake
BITE - Cheesecake Sale price$6.50 SGD
BITE - ChocolateBITE - Chocolate
BITE - Chocolate Sale price$6.50 SGD
Sold outElectrolyte - Red GrapeElectrolyte - Red Grape
Electrolyte - Red Grape Sale price$36.90 SGD
Electrolyte - Lemon LimeElectrolyte - Lemon Lime
Electrolyte - Lemon Lime Sale price$36.90 SGD
PULS PREMIUM SHAKER - 700ml Sale price$24.90 SGD
PULS SPORTS BOTTLE - 1000ml Sale price$29.90 SGD
WHEY (PEAR & VANILLA) 550g Sale price$62.00 SGD
WHEY (WILD STRAWBERRY) 550g Sale price$62.00 SGD
WHEY (MINT CHOCOLATE) 550g Sale price$62.00 SGD
WHEY (DOUBLE CHOCOLATE) 550g Sale price$62.00 SGD
L-CANITINE 3000 (CITRUS) 60ml Sale price$7.90 SGD
Energy Shot - Tropical Sale price$12.00 SGD
Energy Shot - Apple Sale price$12.00 SGD
Candy Crunch - Raspberry and CoconutCandy Crunch - Raspberry and Coconut
Sold outPure Bar - Peanut ButterPure Bar - Peanut Butter
Pure Bar - Peanut Butter Sale price$7.50 SGD
Pure Bar - Chocolate Sale price$7.50 SGD