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Behind Turtle there is a Belgian-German couple, lovers of good things and addicted to entrepreneurship.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Laurence, born in Etterbeek, grew up in Denmark. After her studies she decides to come back to discover her native country. Three days after arriving in Brussels, she met during a party Thilo, a German who had come to work for a German company based in Binche. By the end of the year they were engaged and 6 months later married.

During Laurence's first maternity leave in 2014, they decided to go for it and a year later the first porridges arrived in stores.

" We love working together! We got to know each other in a different way. This common effort towards the same goal has made us even more united as a couple. "

Much has been learned since the launch of Turtle, to make it the success story it is today. And this is still only the beginning!

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Cocoa Pillows with Hazelnut filling  - Organic and Gluten-FreeCocoa Pillows with Hazelnut filling  - Organic and Gluten-Free
Sold outDark Chocolate Cornflakes - Organic and Gluten-Free
Color Loops - Organic and Gluten-FreeColor Loops - Organic and Gluten-Free
Milk Chocolate Cornflakes - Organic and Gluten- Free
Marshmallow Crunchies - Organic and Gluten-Free
Chocolate Balls - OrganicChocolate Balls - Organic
Chocolate Balls - Organic Sale price$11.50 SGD
Cocoa Crispies
Cocoa Crispies Sale price$11.50 SGD
6 Seeds Porridge - Organic Sale price$0.00 SGD
Multigrain Flakes Dark Chocolate - Organic and Gluten Free
Granola Walnut & Chocolate - Organic
Granola Apple & Cinnamon - Organic
POWER Granola Coconut & Cocoa - Organic and Gluten Free
Porridge Carrot Cake - Organic
Porridge Carrot Cake - Organic Sale price$12.00 SGD
Porridge Goji & Chia - Organic and Gluten Free
Porridge Date Fig & Apricot
Porridge Date Fig & Apricot Sale price$12.00 SGD