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Verival, which stands for "True Value," is more than just a company – it's a philosophy that underpins everything we do. Originating from Tyrol, a picturesque region in the Austrian Alps, we are driven by a deep respect for nature and the desire to create premium, organic breakfast products.

Our story begins over 30 years ago, when Founder, Wolfgang Fojtl, launched Verival out of a passion for organic farming and sustainable food production. Since then, we've upheld our commitment to producing organic, high-quality breakfast foods that not only taste good, but also contribute positively to our customers' wellbeing and our environment.

Our products are rooted in the fertile soil of Tyrol, and it's this connection to our land that makes us unique. We take the best of what nature has to offer, combining grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits into wholesome breakfast options that capture the pure, vibrant flavors of our Alpine homeland.

From mueslis and crunchies to porridges and granolas, all our products are made from 100% organic ingredients, carefully sourced and processed to retain their natural goodness. We pay great attention to every detail, maintaining a close relationship with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production.

At Verival, our passion extends beyond our products. We believe in giving back to the communities and landscapes that sustain us. This ethos of sustainability permeates all aspects of our operations, from our renewable energy-powered production site in Tyrol to our participation in regional reforestation projects.

Welcome to Verival – where tradition meets innovation, where respect for nature translates into every bite of our delicious, wholesome breakfast foods. Let's start the day right, together!

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Strawberrry & Chia Porridge 350g
Bircher Porridge 350g - Organic, Gluten-Free and Vegan
Apricot and Honey Porridge 450g - Organic