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Indulge in Céline Citron's Lemon Shortbread – a divine concoction of organic, gluten-free ingredients. Crafted to perfection, these cookies capture Céline’s passion, emitting a sweet, lemony aroma and a tantalizing taste. With every bite, experience the sublime blend of natural lemon flavor and smooth, buttery texture. It’s not just a cookie; it’s a whisper of perfection in every bite. Savor the twinkling satisfaction hidden within these exquisite, health-conscious treats!

INGREDIENTS: gluten-free flour* (buckwheat*, potato starch*, tapioca*), butter* (milk),cane sugar*, natural lemon flavour (0,5%), thickener (xanthan gum), salt.*
Products organically grown. Store in a cool dry place.


Energy 2066Kj/494Kcal;

Fat 29,3g, of which saturates 19,3g;

Carbohydrate 53,5g, of which sugars 19,1g;

Proteins 2,8g; 

Salt: 0,23g.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk. May contain traces of hazelnuts and eggs.


Differences may appear between the information indicated on the website and on the product labels. The data available on the website does not replace the data mentioned on the product labels. In the event of a discrepancy, the information on the product labels prevails.

Céline Citron - Lemon Shortbread - Organic and Gluten-Free
Céline Citron - Lemon Shortbread - Organic and Gluten-Free Sale price$12.90 SGD