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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Planty Classic - Fairtrade and Vegan

by iChoc
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iChoc Classic Vegan Chocolate: Timeless Elegance, Compassionate Indulgence

Step into a World of Luxurious, Ethical Sweetness with Classic Flavors Reimagined

Savor the timeless allure of iChoc's Classic Vegan Chocolate, where the quintessential richness of traditional milk chocolate is skillfully reenvisioned into a delightful, dairy-free indulgence. Let every piece melt on your palate, revealing the gentle, smooth texture and classic creamy flavor, all crafted without compromising ethical standards or exquisite taste.

Signature Characteristics

  • Timeless Flavor, Vegan Crafted: Experience the beloved, classic chocolate taste, meticulously created with purely plant-based ingredients.
  • Smoothly Sweet: Enjoy the elegant smoothness that gently unfolds with each bite, enveloping your senses in a creamy, cocoa embrace.
  • Ethically Envisioned: Delight in every piece, knowing that your indulgence is wrapped in iChoc’s commitment to ethical, sustainable, and vegan practices.

A Delicately Crafted Vegan Experience

Discover a vegan chocolate that doesn’t merely mimic but elevates, offering a gourmet experience where dairy is delightfully, and ethically, unnecessary.

Guilt-Free Luxury

iChoc ensures your moments of sweetness are not tainted with ethical dilemmas, prioritizing sustainability and cruelty-free practices in every scrumptious square.

Classic Vegan Chocolate, iChoc Ethical Indulgence, Dairy-Free Chocolate Luxury, Plant-Based Sweetness, Smooth Vegan Chocolate Experience.

Decadence, Redefined

iChoc Classic Vegan Chocolate beckons you to a realm where ethical choices and luxurious indulgence converge, crafting a culinary creation that is as kind to the animals and the environment as it is to your senses.

Embark on a sensory journey with iChoc, where the beloved, comforting familiarity of classic milk chocolate is elegantly translated into a vegan masterpiece. Every square tells a story of meticulous crafting, ensuring that the creamy, smooth flavor you know and love is not lost but rather lovingly reimagined in a form that honors all beings.

With iChoc, you don't just taste the quality; you experience the company’s heartfelt commitment to crafting chocolate that is as good for the soul as it is for the palate. Enjoy the richness, relish the sweetness, and celebrate the ethical integrity found in every bite.

beet sugar*, cocoa butter* 27%, buckwheat flour* 13 %, cocoa mass* 11%, tiger nut flour*, almond oil* 2,5%, hazelnut paste*, sea salt*, bourbon vanilla extract*. *from organic agriculture.

Allergy advice
May contain other tree nuts, milk and gluten.
Not suitable for people with milk allergy.


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