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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Apple - Geranium jelly x Jardin des Plantes

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Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of apple juice, cane sugar, zesty lemon, and citrus pectin, all elegantly elevated with a hint of natural rose geranium flavor.Tasting

SWEETNESS UNVEILED: Drizzle atop toasted brioche, swirl into plain yogurt, or let it be the secret charm in your next fruit tart.

The Tale Behind the Jar:
Journey through a sun-kissed Parisian summer encapsulated within three mesmerizing jars. Inspired by the verdant allure of Parisian gardens and their blooming flora, Confiture Parisienne curates a truly poetic collection.J

ardin des Plantes (5th arrondissement): Enveloped by the charm of the Evereste apple tree, indulge in a delicate apple and rose geranium jelly, perfect for gracing the base of a homemade apple pie.Jardin du Luxembourg (6th arrondissement): Drift amidst Japanese cherry trees and savor the sweet confluence of strawberries, accentuated with cherry blossom syrup—a delightful complement to your frozen yogurt.

Parc Monceau: Linger beneath blossoming banana trees and savor our unique Banana-Rum concoction, touched with vanilla essence, an exquisite pairing for your piña colada.Artfully crafted in the heart of Paris, these three recipes await to join you for a leisurely lunch beneath the open sky.

Jar size: 250g. Elevate your culinary moments with a Parisian touch! 🍎🌸🍌🥃


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