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The Signature Blend

Have you ever wondered what espresso means exactly? Basically, it's not the beans themselves, but a special way of preparing coffee. Espresso comes from Milan and describes the process in which a small amount of hot water under high pressure is pressed through particularly finely ground coffee powder made from roasted coffee. This makes the coffee more concentrated and individual flavour components such as acidity and bitterness come out more intensely.

But espresso beans also differ from normal coffee beans because they are basically roasted twice as long as normal coffee beans. The longer roasting process brings out more of the bean's essential oils, which in turn are reflected in the coffee's flavour. With our Philosoffee Espresso Beans, this is noticeable in the sweetly aromatic butterscotch flavour. Espresso is particularly popular after a meal, but you can also enjoy it in the morning or in the afternoon as an energy booster.

  •     Philosoffee Espresso Roast is an 80/20 blend of Brazilian and Indian coffee beans, providing the perfect balance for those who love espresso.
  •     Our espresso blend is suitable for both fully automatic and portafilter machines.
  •     Full-bodied espresso taste for everyday enjoyment.

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