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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Creamy Milk

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A Blissful Whirl of Whole Milk Chocolate & Creamy Milk Centre

Delightful 40g Snack Edition

Embark on a lusciously creamy journey with VIVANI's Milky Crème, a heavenly concoction of the finest whole milk chocolate enveloping a supremely smooth creamy milk centre. Specifically crafted for the child in all of us, this petite 40g snack edition bursts with unbridled joy and rich flavors that are simply too good to resist!

  • Exquisite Taste: A palatable blend of 33% minimum cocoa solids and 31% minimum milk solids.
  • Quality Ingredients: Featuring raw cane sugar*, skimmed milk powder*, and cocoa butter*°, each ingredient is meticulously selected.
  • Sustainable Choices: With palm fat* (sustainable) and cocoa mass*°, we ensure eco-friendly indulgence.
  • Organic & Responsible: Proudly carrying the DE-ÖKO-013 certification, and boasting Rainforest Alliance Certified*° cocoa.

Taste & Experience

The first bite greets you with the enchanting sweetness of whole milk chocolate, which seamlessly yields to the velvety caress of the creamy milk centre. This compact 40g snack edition, with its playful intertwining of flavors, promises a delightful pause in your day that both children and adults will surely cherish.

Savor the Luxury

VIVANI’s Milky Crème is not only a scrumptious treat but also a moment of luxurious escape. Whether sneaking in a midday indulgence or sharing with young ones, this harmonious blend of chocolate and creamy milk becomes an instantaneous favorite across all ages.

Enjoy it solo, or pair it with your cozy beverages for a warm, soothing experience. Its delicately balanced sweetness and creaminess make it a versatile delight to pair, uplift your dessert creations, or simply to be relished as it is.

Every bite of VIVANI’s Milky Crème is a small holiday, a brief retreat into a world where creaminess and chocolatey goodness rule supreme. Dive in and let each bite envelop you in its sweet, comforting embrace!


raw cane sugar*, skimmed milk powder*, cocoa butter*°, palm fat* (sustainable), whole milk powder*, cocoa mass*°, cream powder*, butterfat*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins*, salt, bourbon vanilla extract*

Cocoa solids: 33% minimum
Milk solids: 31 % minimum
May contain components of tree nuts and gluten.
* from organic agriculture
°Rainforest Alliance Certified


  • Lactose


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