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Herbal Variety Box Sachets: A selection of five fine caffeine free herbal tea blends supporting body, mind and wellness - Herbs, spices and flowers have been used in plant medicine across many cultures for centuries.

Taking inspiration from different traditions, we have composed a variety of masterful caffeine-free herbal blends that are at once delicious and functional toward supporting your overall feeling of wellbeing.

5 types of herbal blends in 10 Individual servings of 6 grams each.


  • Unter den Linden No.818 - A delicate and refreshing caffeine-free organic tea made of linden, elderflower, and apple.
    Ingredients: lime-tree blossoms, apple bits, elderflowers, lemon myrtle, sunflower petals.

  • Sweet Lullaby No.816 - A bedtime herbal tea of calming organic herbs and flowers to benefit sleep.
    Ingredients: lemon verbena, lime-tree blossoms, lemon grass, stinging nettle leaves, chamomile flowers, orange peels, lemon peels, rose petals, hops, natural aroma with honey-elderflower flavor.

  • Deep Asana No.806 - An Ayurvedic caffeine-free spice tea made of energizing and harmonizing organic spice.
    Ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, carob bits, cloves, pepper, liquorice root, cardamom fruit green.

  • Pure Prana No.809 - A caffeine-free organic tea of cleansing Ayurvedic herbs and vitalizing spices.
    Ingredients: lemon grass, ginger, liquorice root, citrus peels, peppermint, pepper.

  • Berry Pomp No.819 - A flamboyant caffeine-free organic fruit tea made of rich berries and refined blossoms.
    Ingredients: elderberries, hibiscus flowers, apple bits, beetroot bits, citrus peels, strawberry bits, rose petals, black currants, blueberries, cherries.