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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Mandarin Jam 85% Fruit

by LoRUSSo
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Indulge in the citrusy splendor of our Organic Mandarin Marmalade,
crafted with love and precision to bring you the authentic flavor of
sun-kissed mandarins in every jar. Using only the finest organic
ingredients, our marmalade combines the zesty essence of mandarins with
the sweetness of cane sugar, balanced perfectly with a hint of lemon
juice and the smooth texture offered by fruit pectin.

What makes it stand out is the conscious effort to reduce sugar, resulting in a blend that contains 40% less sugar than many traditional market offerings.
Nutritionally, it's a winner too, packing an energy of 548Kj and
129Kcal, minimal fats, and rich in wholesome carbohydrates. But don't
just spread it on toast; let your culinary imagination run wild. Use it
to elevate your fruit salads, enhance custards, add richness to
puddings, or even as a secret ingredient in biscuits.

Every spoonful is a citrus celebration.

Ingredients: Mandarins*, cane sugar*, lemon juice*, fruit pectin. *Organic/Bio Certified.

Prepared with 85g fruit per 100g and reduced sugar**. Total sugar
content 29g per 100g (naturally occurring sugar + cane sugar). Energy
548Kj 129Kcal. Fat 0,2g: Saturated 0,0g. Carbohydrates 30g: Sugars 29g.
Protein 0,8g. Salt 0,0g.

 **This marmalade contain 40% less sugar than traditional jams on the market.
Serving suggestions: It can be used to dress fruit salads, or as an ingredient in custards, puddings and biscuits.


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