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Burgundy Raw Honey

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Foraging places: in Burgundy, France 

Flowering: June - July Its taste is powerful and pleasant.

It is produced by bees from the flowers of the forests of Burgundy.

We find pollen of brambles, centaury, cistacea, rosacea, brassicaceae, arborescent heather, white clover, ... This complex foraging gives woody flavors of undergrowth, with notes of red fruits, of a strong intensity that persists in the mouth. Texture From a smooth to finely crystallized velvet.

How to taste Cru de Bourgogne honey? Cru de Bourgogne honey is perfect to taste with a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.

Its soothing virtues make it ideal to accompany an infusion. It is also delicious to sweeten all drinks and fruity recipes.

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