NARA Organic Dates Set No. 2 (Ajwa, Khidri, Kholas and Wanan)

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All four varieties are fresh to semi-dry dates. That means they were harvested at the time of first ripening and packed straight away. Due to the higher moisture content, fresh dates must be kept refrigerated. This ensures that the dates have a long shelf life and do not dry out. Four degrees in the refrigerator are ideal.

The particularly fleshy, juicy pulp of fresh dates is the ultimate pleasure and a luxury of our time, because traditionally fresh dates were only available for a very short time immediately after harvest.

Organic Ajwa dates come from nutrient-rich volcanic fields near Al-Medina - after Mecca this is the holiest place in Islam. The deep black color is characteristic of the date. Compared to other types of dates, it has little pulp, but it is very aromatic. Traditionally, during Ramadan, the daily fast is broken with a glass of water and three Ajwa dates.

Organic Khidri dates convince with their fine, sweet taste, which is a little reminiscent of raisins and has a delicious caramel note afterwards. A dark, chestnut-red shimmering skin surrounds the flesh of the fine date, which originally comes from Egypt. The khidri is best enjoyed at room temperature - this way the fruit is particularly tender and can develop its full aroma.

Organic Kholas dates have a honey yellow to golden brown color and a gentle, pleasant sweetness. The firm pulp is soft and juicy. In terms of taste, the Kholas date with its fine caramel aromas is reminiscent of toffee or fudge and is therefore often served with dessert. But it is just as suitable as a snack between meals and provides the body with nutrients and energy.

Organic Wanan dates are long, conical and have an exceptionally dark color. The soft, luscious pulp of this variety, which is not very common outside of the Arab world, tastes slightly cinnamon and has a mild sweetness. In addition to pure enjoyment, the date is therefore also ideal for filling, for example with walnuts, candied ginger or goat cheese.

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