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Gold from the desert: our pitted Demeter Deglet Nour organic dates.

Like the Medjool, Deglet Nour dates are among the best-known and most exported dates of all. Most of us will have seen a packet of dates of this variety in the supermarket: light brown, sugar-sweet, medium-sized and in dried form. However, it is also not uncommon on an artificial plastic stem and covered with syrup to make the fruit look even shinier. It's different with us: Our fruits come without artificial helpers, fresh and from controlled organic cultivation. For the sake of the customer as well as nature, which produces these delicacies - our pitted Demeter Deglet Nour organic dates.

Demeter dates - sustainable raw food quality with organic seal

What distinguishes our fruits from standard deglet nours with the EU organic seal? Our Deglet Nour Demeter dates are grown exclusively according to biodynamic guidelines and harvested without intermediate treatment. Demeter stands for raw food quality that has been awarded the state organic seal. Unlike products with the "normal" organic label that meet EU requirements, Demeter's biodynamic farming method is the most sustainable form of farming and goes far beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation.

Stoned Deglet Nour, the golden-yellow honey fruits of the Maghreb

The name Deglet Nour, which can be translated as "fingers of light", comes from the almost transparent pulp and the bright golden yellow color that characterize these dates. The Deglet Nour, also known as the "queen of all dates", is mainly cultivated in Tunisia and Algeria, where the variety originated. The huge date palms love a dry climate and the blazing sun, but the impression is deceptive - if it is not irrigated elsewhere, a date palm prefers to stand with its roots in the groundwater, which can be very salty for dates. Plenty of sun and water, these are the ingredients for such deliciously creamy fruits as Deglet Nour.