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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Sukkari Organic Dates

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“Sukkari” means "sweetness” in Arabic. This is a quality that all our dates possess, but the fact that this particular variety is named after its sweetness is highly significant. Sukkari dates are known across the Arab world as “royal fruits” and regarded as luxury dates with a firm place in the premium segment of the market, even though the fruits are not especially large.

If the price is anything to go by, only the black Ajwa date, which is firmly anchored in Islamic tradition, and the extra-large Anbara, can beat them in the popularity stakes.

Golden brown dates, creamy and sweet like little caramels

The Sukkari is conical in shape and medium in size, and it can be recognised by its golden-yellow, crispy skin, which often has deep wrinkles in it, caused by the drying process. Underneath this parchment-like layer lurks its soft and very juicy flesh. The mild and sweet taste has a rich note of caramel to it.

It is the unbelievable creamy texture of the fruit that gives it this association with caramel sweets as soon as you bite into it, and indeed it’s advisable to clean your teeth after indulging in this sticky delight. Hardly any other variety of date tastes more like a praline chocolate than the exquisite Sukkari.

The date market in Medina: it’s Mecca for Saudi gourmets

Sukkari Dates are cultivated in the Medina region of Saudi Arabia, which along with Iraq and Egypt counts as one of the leading date producing areas of the world. More than a million date palms grow in this hot, Gulf state, but the fruits from the region around Medina, the “City of the Prophet” have an exceptionally high status. In the city’s date market, the famous Souq Al Tumor, you can choose from an amazing and truly bewildering assortment of more than 150 varieties, and many different delicacies, such as stuffed dates, syrup and all sorts of cakes and pastries.

We were impressed by its well-balanced flavour and pleasing consistency as well as the fact that we were able to reach agreement with the growers to ensure a supply of these coveted fruits at a suitably high level of quality. This means that anyone who returns from their trip with a hankering for Saudi dates can have everything they ever dreamed of.


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