Organic Caffé Crème

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Peru. The Amazon rainforest, Machu Picchu, the Andes and Cusco.Can you see the colourful diversity and culture in your mind's eyeNot quite yet?

Then you should definitely pour yourself a cup of Philosoffee Organic Caffé Crème and let the taste of this lively Latin American country melt in your mouth. Our organic highland Arabica coffee comes from Peru, where the coffee beans are grown in one of the most fertile areas on earth. If you want to dive even deeper into the culture and taste, you can put on one of Susana Baca's many albums and reward your sense of hearing with traditional Peruvian music. This combination promises pure relaxation.

After the coffee beans are carefully harvested by Peruvian coffee farmers, the special beans are roasted to perfection by our experienced coffee masters. The result is a taste experience that you should not miss.

With its mild and very digestible flavour profile, Organic Philosoffee Caffé Crème has little acidity, yet remains aromatic and offers a rich taste experience!

  •     High-quality coffee beans from Peru, harvested with care.
  •     Careful roasting of the beans in Germany rounds off the taste quality.
  •     Aromatic, flowery and mild coffee taste for everyday enjoyment.

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