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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Fine Dark Peppermint

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VIVANI Fine Dark Peppermint Chocolate: A Lush Escapade of Dark Decadence and Invigorating Freshness

Dive into a Mystical Experience where Velvety Darkness and Vibrant Peppermint Intertwine

Embark on an extraordinary journey with VIVANI’s Fine Dark Peppermint Chocolate, where the profound depth of dark chocolate lovingly entwines with the exhilarating freshness of peppermint. Let this exquisite marriage of flavours guide your senses through a vibrant tapestry, where dark cacao and lively mint dance in a beguiling ballet.

  • Velvety Darkness: Engage in the luscious depth of high-quality dark chocolate, masterfully crafted for a purely indulgent experience.
  • Vibrant Peppermint: Be entranced by the effervescent wave of peppermint, adding a burst of refreshing vitality to every bite.
  • Ethical Enjoyment: Indulge with a heart at ease, knowing that your moments of pleasure are crafted from organic, ethically sourced ingredients.

Sensuous and Spirited

Allow the sensuous depths of dark chocolate and the spirited vivacity of peppermint to whisk you away into a realm where every bite is a moment of exquisite indulgence and joyful vibrancy.

A Commitment to Conscious Indulgence

VIVANI’s adherence to using sustainably sourced, organic ingredients ensures that every square offers not just indulgence, but a commitment to the planet and its inhabitants.

A Ballet of Flavours

Step into a world where the luxurious and the lively perform a delicate ballet, inviting you to linger in moments where indulgence and freshness twirl in delightful harmony.

In VIVANI's Fine Dark Peppermint Chocolate, every square is an invite to a dance of contrasts, where the sumptuous depth of dark cacao and the spirited zest of peppermint weave a narrative of flavours that is both rich and refreshing. Here, indulgence is not just experienced but celebrated in a luscious amalgam of vibrant peppermint and velvety dark chocolate, curating moments that are simultaneously lavish and lively.

Indulge in the mystique of VIVANI, where every bite is a step into a lush, vibrant realm of extraordinary chocolate craftsmanship.


raw cane sugar*, cocoa mass*°, glucose syrup*, cocoa powder*°, butterfat (milk*), cocoa butter*°, peppermint oil*

Cocoa solids: 68 % minimum
May contain components of tree nuts, gluten and milk.
*from organic agriculture
°Rainforest Alliance Certified


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