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Bacanha's Basil Syrup is a refreshing squeeze of this famous herb right into your glass. Imagine the robust flavor of fresh basil combined with a cool taste, topped off with a lightly peppered aroma. Oh-so-herbaceous!

Our raw basil syrup is the perfect potion for your iced tea or lemonade recipes, transforming your beverages into an herb garden party.

And guess what? This green goodness can also blend into your favorite mocktails. Intrigued and want to dive deeper into the basil bush? Just follow the leafy path...

Ingredients of the organic basil syrup: pure organic cane sugar, water, natural basil aroma, acidifier: citric acid. No colorings or preservatives.

Nutritional information for the raw basil syrup: Nutritional data for 100ml | Energy value: 304kcal / 1298 kJ | Fats: 0g | of which saturated fatty acids: 0g | Carbohydrates: 76.5g | of which sugars: 76.5g | Proteins: 0g | Salt: 0g

Extra info: All this herbaceous wonder is bottled up in a 400ml recyclable glass bottle. This basil syrup has the certified organic seal of approval. Each bottle of raw syrup is equivalent to 20 beverages, a sprightly eco-step that helps to reduce the bitter impact of single-use drinks on our beautiful planet. Discover more at

Pass the basil, share the goodness!

Raw Basil Syrup - Organic
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