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A fragrant essence distilled from the renowned berry. Its aroma is deliciously fruity, boasting a sweet taste with a slight tang...This unrefined blackcurrant syrup is versatile, a flavorful addition to an array of recipes. Whether enhancing a Kir cocktail or adding zest to iced tea, it imparts a delightful fruity twist to your preparations.It's also an excellent mix-in for your favorite recipes, such as homemade lemonades. If you're intrigued and want to learn more, look no further.Ingredients of the organic blackcurrant syrup: pure organic cane sugar, water, natural organic blackcurrant flavor, organic blackcurrant concentrate, acidifier: citric acid.

Nutritional information of the unrefined blackcurrant syrup: Nutritional data for 100ml | Energy value: 304kcal / 1298 kJ | Fats: 0g | of which saturated fatty acids: 0g | Carbohydrates: 76.5g | of which sugars: 76.5g | Proteins: 0g | Salt: 0gAdditional information: The syrup comes in a recyclable 400ml glass bottle. This blackcurrant syrup is certified organic. Each bottle of unrefined syrup equates to 20 drinks, a conscious step towards reducing the negative impact of single-use drinks on our planet. To learn more, visit

Raw Blackcurrant Syrup - Organic
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