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This non-alcoholic lemon aperitif is the non-alcoholic alternative to limon-cello. It brings Italian Dolce Vita into your glass and a smile on your face. The aperitif wants to attract your attention, linger on your tongue and surprise you - preferably as a spritz. The fresh acidity of ripe lemons is balanced by intense notes of ginger, thyme, grapefruit, honey, cinnamon, fennel and chili. The citrus-yellow Limello is reminiscent of sunny times in Sicily - at any time of the year. Recommended in a wine glass as a "Limello Spritz" with Prosecco or tonic water and mint or rosemary as garnish
SAN LIMELLO - Alcohol-Free Aperitif
SAN LIMELLO - Alcohol-Free Aperitif Sale price$60.00 SGD