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Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.
Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $70.

Surreal High Protein Cereals - 4 Flavors to choose from!

by Surreal
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Introducing Surreal High Protein Cereals - Elevate Your Breakfast Game!

Are you tired of bland, ordinary cereals that leave you hungry an hour later? Say hello to Surreal High Protein Cereals, your passport to a flavorful and nourishing breakfast experience like never before. With our 300g variety pack, you can indulge in four delicious flavors: Cinnamon, Frosted, Peanut Butter, and Cocoa. Each bowl is a journey into taste, packed with the goodness of high-quality protein to keep you satisfied and energized all morning.

Rich, Satisfying Protein: Surreal High Protein Cereals are a breakfast powerhouse with an impressive 15 grams of protein per serving. Our premium protein blend is carefully chosen to provide you with the essential amino acids needed for muscle repair and growth. Whether you're an athlete or just someone looking to start your day right, Surreal has you covered.

Irresistible Flavor Variety:

  • Cinnamon: Embrace the warm, comforting embrace of cinnamon in every bite. Perfectly balanced sweetness and spice create a memorable breakfast experience.

  • Frosted: Indulge your sweet tooth with the classic sweetness of Frosted flavor. A touch of sweetness combined with the satisfying crunch of our cereal will leave you craving more.

  • Peanut Butter: For the peanut butter enthusiasts, Surreal's Peanut Butter cereal is a dream come true. Creamy, nutty goodness with a hint of sweetness - it's a breakfast delight!

  • Cocoa: Dive into a world of rich, chocolatey goodness with our Cocoa flavor. Perfect for those who crave a touch of decadence in the morning.

Balanced Nutrition
Our cereals are not only high in protein but also low in sugar, making them a smart choice for a balanced breakfast. With only 3 grams of sugar per serving, you can enjoy guilt-free indulgence.

Quality Ingredients
We believe in using only the best ingredients. Surreal High Protein Cereals are made with a blend of high-quality whole grains, ensuring you get the fiber and nutrients your body needs to start the day right.

Easy and Quick
No more complicated breakfast routines. Simply pour your preferred flavor into a bowl, add your choice of milk or yogurt, and you're ready to go. It's the perfect solution for busy mornings when you need a nutritious meal in minutes.

Versatile Snacking

Surreal High Protein Cereals aren't just for breakfast. They make an excellent snack at any time of the day. Grab a handful for a post-workout refuel or munch on them during the afternoon slump to keep your energy levels up.

Resealable Packaging: We understand the importance of freshness. Our resealable packaging ensures that your cereal stays crisp and delicious until the very last serving.

Start Your Day Right with Surreal High Protein Cereals!

Make breakfast exciting again with Surreal High Protein Cereals. Fuel your body with the protein it craves while indulging in flavors that delight your taste buds. Whether you prefer the comforting warmth of Cinnamon, the sweet nostalgia of Frosted, the nutty goodness of Peanut Butter, or the decadence of Cocoa, Surreal has something for everyone.

Join the breakfast revolution and elevate your morning routine with Surreal High Protein Cereals. Say goodbye to bland breakfasts and hello to a surreal experience of taste and nourishment.

Order your 300g variety pack today and discover the joy of a protein-packed breakfast that keeps you fueled, satisfied, and ready to conquer the day!


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