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Introducing our irresistible GIMBER Sweet Lily - Ginger Concentrate with Passion Fruit!

This unique blend combines the fiery kick of ginger with the tropical sweetness of passion fruit to create a flavor explosion like no other. Made from the finest organic ingredients, our concentrate is carefully crafted to deliver a bold and refreshing taste experience.

Each bottle is packed with the pure essence of ginger and passion fruit, capturing their vibrant flavors and natural goodness.

Experience the delightful fusion of ginger and passion fruit with every sip. Embrace the tropical vibes and let your taste buds dance with joy. Sweet Lilly with Passion Fruit is a must-have for flavor enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

Elevate your beverages and culinary creations with this sensational concentrate and embark on a journey of pure taste and wellness.

Made in Belgium

Volume: 500ml

Sweet Lilly - Ginger and Passion Fruit Concentrate
Sweet Lilly - Ginger and Passion Fruit Concentrate Sale price$49.00 SGD